Enpresso GmbH is a privately-held company that utilizes its unique, proprietary EnBase technology platform to develop innovative, reagent-based EnPresso® growth systems. When compared to conventional growth media, Enpresso growth systems significantly increase the yield of high quality biomolecules from microbial cultures.

The company’s patented EnBase technology, was invented at the Biocenter at Oulu University in Finland. It all started more than10 years ago when scientists began to apply their in-depth knowledge and experience from the world of large-scale biomolecule production to the research-scale laboratory.
In the world of bioproduction, precise control of growth conditions is well-recognized as essential for successfully maximizing the yield and quality of products from microbial cultures. However, equipment complexity and costs associated with using large-scale bioreactors made it seemingly impossible to achieve similar success at smaller scales in the research laboratory. Then Dr. Peter Neubauer and his team decided to attempt the impossible and the idea behind EnBase technology was born.
Founded in 2016, Enpresso is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The team members unite many years of experience in microbial bioprocess development, from screening to production.

The company’s customers are found mainly in life science research. Enpresso scientists focus their expertise on expanding the range of game-changing EnPresso growth systems and support customers for their individual successful application of ready-to-use media.