Growing cells to express proteins may seem just a small step on the way to achieving your research goals, but…

  • Uncontrolled growth leads to high oxygen demands and finally oxygen depletion in plates and shake flasks
  • Conventional mineral salt media, despite the use of buffering chemicals, suffer from decreasing pH as acid is generated and ammonia removed by microbial metabolism.
  • As a result, low biomass and product yields are achieved
  • Even the best-designed growth media will under-perform if the surrounding environ-ment is less than optimal. Comparison and optimization becomes difficult or even impossible.

With EnPresso® media, key elements to support growth, control pH and regulate glucose availability are provided, cells grow steadily to reach significantly higher densities and continue in linear growth for many hours.

Proteins are expressed under optimal metabolic conditions thereby reducing the risk of incorrect folding and increasing the percentage of soluble protein.

Parallel cultivation can be conducted in a reproducible way to identify optimal operation.

Enpresso ® products are based on the patented EnBase® technology (EP09154440, EP2130906, EP11151003)

The protocols provided with EnPresso® growth systems are optimized for the most common growth formats i.e. shake flasks and well plates.

Simple-to-use fully dissolvable media tablets have been developed. Using only standard laboratory equipment, these small tablets have the power to significantly increase your yields.

Instead of using mechanical feeding, the substrate is released by a patented method in the media with a pre-defined rate in any reasonable plate and flask scale.

It is easily applicable:

  • Add medium tablets to sterile water
  • Add reagent A to a certain amount to define the substrate release rate.